Security of goods and people safety

Your activity Goals Benefits
Banks and Financial institutions Protecting areas, large rooms,
ATMs and technical from
robberies, hostage taking

AudioSense800™ enables :

►To be alerted in case of « night intrusions » in the agency,

►Detect abnormal behavior in treasure rooms

►Trigger an alarm in case of aggression in front of a ATM

Industries Protection against terrorist threats, industrial espionage, destruction and sabotage of industrials and anticipation of outages on production lines.

AudioSense800™ enables :

► To detect sounds of destruction of production tools

► Trigger alerts in case of abnormal noises on a production chain.

D’VIP Prevent thefts and intrusions in their residence

AudioSense800™ enables :

► detect steps, voices, breaking glass and metallic noises

Transport and Logistic Protecting goods in depots of vehicles during stops

AudioSense800™ enables :

► Detect suspicious movements around vehicles, tags and attempts to open vehicles

Chain stores Preventing burglary, theft with violence and deterioration inside or outside the store AudioSense800™ enables :

► Outside the store, to detect suspicious noises such as tags, metallic noises, verbal abuse...

► Inside a store to monitor the noise of aggression or destruction.

Local or regional institution Fighting against people abuses, vandalism or theft and trespassing at night

AudioSense800™ enables :

► To detect the noise of aggressions, trigger alerts and accelerate interventions by security forces.

► Detect suspicious noises from intrusion and vandalism.

Hospital and health care establishment

Intervene in cases of violence in the emergency department, prevent burglaries of medical and office equipments, and increase the responsiveness of staff in case of a fall or illness of patients and residents

AudioSense800™ enables :

► To detect the noise of aggressions or change of sound ambiance to trigger alerts.

► To detect suspect intrusion and   vandalism noises.

► To detect sounds of people falling, calling for help or abnormal moans.

Parking Preventing thefts from vehicles and assaults

AudioSense800™ enables :

► To detect noises of broken windows, siren warnings and screams.

Consumer electronic Tell when smoke, CO or burglar alarm detector is sounding at your home or vacation home while you are away

AudioSense800™ enables :

► To detect and recognize sound of smoke, CO and burglar alarm detector
►Detect any sound alarm

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