AudioSense 800 : the audio-surveillance

AUDIOSENSE 800 is an advanced audio analysis module for real time anomaly detection. It detects and classify cries for help, aggression, high voices, verbal abuse, breaking glass or any sound class you need.



AUDIOSENSE 800 shows the operators the right camera to watch, and also the type of anomaly that was detected.


AUDIOSENSE 800 is a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) network module, composed of an analysis card and a waterproof microphone. AUDIOSENSE 800 has a free SDK for alarm integration into Video Management Systems (VMS).


AUDIOSENSE 800 respects privacy because only the alarms are emitted outside the module.


AUDIOSENSE 800 is a declination of patented AUDIOSENSE technology. Other solutions for audio analytics can be presented such as server based systems or software packages.


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