Detecting aggressions in commercial centers

Using sound detection to protect a Mall

We have recently installed a large number of modules AUDIOSENSE 800 for the protection of emergency exits in a large Shopping Center in France.


The problem we solve is the detection of attacks in the emergency exit (or corridor) that are prohibited to access, but this access is possible because there is a need in case of evacuation of the mall.


The customer, who has in the past faced many intrusions in these places sometimes with physical violence, adopted ORELIA's detection system for aggression recognition : AUDIOSENSE 800.


The advantage of sound detection by AUDIOSENSE is the ability to detect attacks with a single module in corridors up to 20 meters long.


Alarms sent by the AUDIOSENSE 800 module has been integrated into the VMS platform GENETEC Omnicast so as to display the correct camera when an attack is detected.



The AUDIOSENSE modules 800 with microphone were integrated into specific boxes by the installer / integrator SPIE.

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