AUDIOSENSE PREDICT : a tool for predictive maintenance of technical equipments

Predictive maintenance, a tool that changes the game in industry

Control costs while maintaining the desired level of quality is the key challenge of industrial production.

Using a fixed schedule (preventive maintenance) or facing failure (corrective maintenance) results in unnecessarily high costs in terms of parts (storage problem), labor and downtime.

With predictive analytics solutions, as the one developed by ORELIA, manufacturers can establish new standards of quality by saving costs and
reducing downtime resulted from unplanned maintenance.

Using a simple acoustic sensor connected to an analysis module, AUDIOSENSE PREDICT analyses continuously drift noises of your equipment and, in case of serious disturbances, is capable of transmitting a preventive alarm to the service in charge of the equipment maintenance.

Through its generic operating technology, AUDIOSENSE PREDICT is suitable for a wide range of equipments: fans, cooling units, CTA, pumps, electrical transformers, extruders ...

AUDIOSENSE PREDICT prevents both unecessary travels and maintenance costs caused by breakdowns.

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